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5 things you can do for yourself in under 5 minutes!

If you’d like to relieve stress and anxiety, calm your nervous system, be more mindful, prioritise yourself or get a fresh perspective on things, then give these mindfulness and self-care tips a try! They don’t cost a thing and can be done almost anywhere, any time.

I posted them on Instagram because so many of my clients, and people who come along to my workshops and workplace chats, keep saying how much of a difference they’ve made to their days! Clients have involved their partners, friends, family members and kids and they’ve also shared the list with their friends to help them find a few minutes for themselves. It makes me so happy to see the ripple and to hear that people are willing to try new things.

So often we put ourselves last and can’t be bothered doing anything more than what we have to do to get through the day. The thing is, when we feel like we need a moment or two to ourselves, or when our body is telling us to slow down, that’s when we need to listen! You try one of these tips for 30 seconds and slowly build your way up. Make them work for you! Please share any of your favourite tips that may not be on this list in the comments box at the bottom of this blog.


Make your out breath longer than your in breath. If you breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds, breathe out through your mouth for at least one second more. You can gradually build up as you go.


Notice how your body feels. Unclench and wriggle your jaw, roll your shoulders and circle your head around 3 times in both directions. You can keep going by circling your wrists and ankles, and wriggling and shaking your arms and legs.


Go on a sensory walk or engage your senses wherever you are. It helps to bring you back to the present moment and makes you appreciate what’s around you. You can use the 5-4-3-2-1 method to help you. Start by looking around and noticing 5 things you can see . Next, 4 things you can hear. Which sounds are close and which ones are further away? What are 3 things you can feel? It might the the sun or cool air on your skin, your clothes tight or loose against your body or your feet touching the ground. What are 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste? These last two might be trickier but give them a try anyway!


Repeat some positive affirmations! I have a list of 101 for you here. Here are some examples:

  • I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me.

  • When things feel like they’re not adding up, I subtract. The less I need, the better I feel.

  • I can do, feel and believe in a way that’s true to me without having to justify myself.

  • Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile.

  • I celebrate all that I’ve been, all that I am and all that I’m yet to be.

  • I’m open and honest about what I feel, what I need and who I am.

  • I give myself permission to ask for help. Asking for what I need isn’t a sign of inadequacy, but of self-awareness and courage to show vulnerability.

  • I forgive my past self for having to learn.

  • I’m choosing to focus on the opinions that I hold of myself rather than being deafened by the opinions of others.

  • When I get overwhelmed with choices, I choose myself.


Leave some white space in your day. It’s time where nothing is planned, there’s no outcome and you do what feels best for you when the time comes around. You can take the chance to simply be, focus on yourself and let your body and mind catch up to one another! Be realistic and start with 5-10 minutes if this is new to you. 

So, which one are you going to try?

If you find it tricky to get started, try to link one of these practices with another habit. You might repeat the affirmations when you wake up each morning or you could extend your out breath each time you pick up your phone, get in the car or walk into work. Remember- do what works best for you!

Lots of my clients now have personalised morning and nighttime routines that make such a big difference to how they start their day. Some do them for 2 minutes and others for 20- there’s no right or wrong. If you’d like some 1:1 guidance on how to bring a sense of calm to your days, you can book a face-to-face or online session with me here. I’m all about making things realistic and helping you to live a more easeful, authentic life so don’t worry- I won’t be adding any more pressure!

Chat soon,

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