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Introducing Gentle Chiropractor, Dr. Sarah Jane Perri

I’d love you to meet Dr. Sarah Jane Perri, a Gentle Chiropractor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor who reminds us that we can have it all- just not all at once. Sarah Jane owns a vibrant and unique holistic practice in Kooyong, Melbourne and is passionate about helping people to recognise the true cause of their symptoms.

Like many of us, she is working on setting healthy boundaries to help make sure that she doesn’t put herself on the back burner. Having studied Psychology and Holistic Counselling, Dr. Sarah Jane breaks the mould of the stereotype ‘chiro’ and has so much to offer her clients.

She tailors each session to the individual rather than going with a one size fits all approach which is something I truly value and also do myself. Sarah Jane instantly puts you at ease and seeks to understand what’s happening on all levels so she can help to guide you and your body back to alignment. She’s incredibly intuitive and I always leave my sessions feeling supported, calm and more aligned on all levels. She’s very special and works and lives from a place of authenticity.

Sarah Jane also volunteers with Hands on Health and went to India last year to provide chiropractic care to approximately 600 people in need.

Here’s a little bit more about Dr. Sarah Jane…

What led you to do what you are doing today?

I was always searching for something more, and after placing the word ‘meaningful’ into a job search site I stumbled across a Chiropractic Assistant Role for a Gentle Chiropractor. It was the only position to come up under the keyword, so despite having little to no experience, I decided to apply and I received the position. This was the first time I felt at home somewhere, and I fell in love with what Gentle Chiropractic brought to the community not just physically, but also mindfully and spiritually.

 What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about assisting people to recognise the true cause of their symptoms, whether that be due to physical, emotional or chemical stressors. By releasing stress within the nervous system and following the path of self-empowered discovery, people are guided towards their authentic selves and reconnected with their true purpose.

I’m able to bring upon an alignment of, and beyond, the physical body starting with a holistic Chiropractic assessment, followed by a combination of low force/gentle techniques, intuitive healing, breath and energy work, yoga, meditation, and holistic counselling. I cater for each individual by adapting my approach each time to make sure that the session is suitable for their needs.

What’s your definition of health?

My definition of true health is living in full alignment with your soul purpose. I think many people fear that they will leave this earth with their ‘music’ still in them. If you live your life for other people, your physical and emotional health will not perform optimally and you will compromise your overall health. For example, I believe that if you have self-love, you will not eat certain foods that will not fuel you. You will also no longer want to do the things that do not serve your greater good.

How do you prioritise yourself daily?

I am an empath and a highly sensitive person so it is so important for me to get out in nature whether that be for a 10-minute or hour long walk. This time is for me to connect, meditate, say my affirmation or prayer for the day and remind myself that I am not my thoughts. I also take time to create mental space for the clients that I have for the day ahead so I can empower and serve them in the best way possible.

What do you believe is the most common misconception about chiropractic care?

That it is dangerous or does not work. 

Chiropractors tend to be a last resort for many people because they have tried so many different things but feel that nothing has worked.

I practice Gentle Chiropractic which means that I do not manually adjust or crack my clients. This is not because manual adjusting is ‘bad’ but because I have a sensitive nervous system myself and found that lower force techniques assisted me in a much greater way. Sometimes less really is more! Gentle Chiropractic doesn’t place a high force onto the system and isn’t in any way invasive. My clients feel relaxed during their sessions and many fall asleep.

I work within a holistic framework where every chiropractic technique that I use is evidence- based and integrates well with the other processes that I utilise. I am proud of the fact that I am able to adapt my capabilities to provide care for anyone and everyone.

What’s one thing that you’re most recently grateful for?

I am grateful for my family. As you get older, I think you begin to really understand the importance of healthy family connections and relationships.

What are your top 3 tips for staying healthy?

  • Know yourself

  • Love yourself

  • Listen to your inner voice

The most important relationship that you have is the one with yourself. If this relationship is positive and healthy it will have a positive ripple effect into your whole life.

Some other important tips are the six natural doctors which are: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet. 

What’s one thing that’s challenging you at the moment?

Setting healthy boundaries and not placing my own needs on the back burner to please others. Also, finding where I fit in can be challenging because I am not your ‘typical’ chiropractor and therefore it can be difficult to find my place. This year especially, I came to the realisation that I do not need to label what I do or fit it nicely into a box. What I do is exclusive to me, and that is what makes it extraordinary. That is not to say that I ‘fix’ anyone- I simply facilitate the experience.

When do you feel like your truest self?

When I am assisting others to feel like their truest selves. When I am working with clients it instantaneously connects me to my purpose and inner light/soul source. I never work a day in my life because I love what I do so much. I believe that passion, genuineness and intention are really important in this line of work and I bring all of this to every single session.

What’s one thing you can’t start your day without?

My cup of tea with my husband and two fur children. We start everyday together, and this sets the tone for our relationship and the day ahead.

What’s your definition of success? Has it changed over the years?

My definition of success is being able to do what I want, when I want and with whomever I want. It has remained relatively the same over the years but I think I am moving a lot closer toward living out this definition than ever before. In a general sense, I would believe myself to be successful if I made a positive difference in the lives of my clients, friends and family. The idea of knowing that I contributed to a little light in this world would be abundant.  

What’s one piece of advice that you’ve been given and would like to share with us?

You can have it all- just not all at once. I am fairly ambitious and at times I pile way too much onto my plate at once so a moderately big shift happened for me when I realised this. I believe that it is better to do one thing properly than trying to do everything at once.

What’s one book that you’d love us to read?

Where to begin?! I LOVE books. I am currently reading Medical Medium by Anthony William. But I enjoy reading about philosophy, religion, history and spiritual enlightenment. I am also partial to a Hay House publication.

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