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Are you waiting for 'someday'?

If I asked you to describe your ideal day in detail, what would you say?

It seems that many of us are aware of the life we wish we could be living, but many of us wake each day and go through the motions. We struggle to survive the ins-and-outs of daily life only to go to bed, wake up and do it all again the next day. Before we know it, another week, month and year has passed and we’re still saying how “over it” we are. When we’re doing this, it can be easy to lose perspective of what we really want because we spend time floundering in the space of ‘having’ to do everything rather than ‘choosing’ to do what we’d like to. Our priorities get pushed to the side and it can be hard to find a starting point to get ourselves back on track.

Now is your time to think about what is and isn’t right for you. It's time to start living your days in alignment with your truth and stop waiting for ‘someday’ to come around.

So, close your eyes and visualise yourself living your ideal day. Think about things such as, who you’re surrounded by and the relationships you have, where you are, what sounds you can hear, what your priorities are, what you’re doing for yourself, how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally, how you feel about your finances and anything else that comes to mind.

Now write your visualisation down somewhere in as much detail as possible. It doesn’t have to be neat or ‘perfect’. Just write and get everything down. When you’ve got everything down, list the WHY behind each thing that came up for you. You may like to do this in a different colour or in bold if doing it on your phone. Here are some examples of what you might consider:

  • Why do you want to start/end your day that way?

  • Why have you prioritised x,y,z?

  • Why do you want to be surrounded by those people?

  • Why do you want your home to look and feel that way?

  • Why are you working so hard?

Over the coming weeks, narrow the description of your ideal day down to one or two sentences. I know it’s not easy but keep refining it and be patient with the process. Once you have your sentences, put them somewhere you’ll see them every day. They could be on your phone, on a vision board with pictures and quotes around them, on your desk- anywhere that feels right for you. Seeing them each day serves as a reminder to pause and check-in to see if you’re in alignment with your ‘why’.

The final part is to believe that your ideal day, and life, is achievable. It won’t all be handed to you on a silver platter. There will be bumps in the road and days where it doesn’t play out as you’d hoped. There’ll be lots of trial and error along the way but with that will come valuable lessons and personal growth. Don’t lose hope or throw in the towel when things get challenging. Continue to get clearer and clearer about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

You're worthy of your best life,


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