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EVERYONE is busy.

We’re all busy in our own ways whether that be chasing a career goal, focusing on our health, juggling all that life brings or slowing down and breathing.

We need to move past the idea that busy looks the same for everyone.

A common question people ask when chatting to someone else is “how’s work?” and it’s often followed with the normal, glorified response of “busy” with no further detail offered. Do you see that as a positive? The busier the better? The more on, the more successful? Personally, I feel that more and more people are caught in an endless, overworked, under nourished cycle across all areas of their lives which means that they can’t even take time to clear headspace to piece together some detail.

Take a moment to reflect on the words that you use around time. 

What came to mind? Perhaps you often say you don’t have enough of it, that there aren’t enough hours in the day and you wish you had more, that you lose track of it, that you don’t have any time to yourself or that time is money. Is the language that you choose to use an excuse to delay something? A justification of all that you have done and all that you have to do? A simple reminder of your priorities and expectations?

I've finally got to a point where busy has a negative connotation for me. I used to take pride in being busy all the time. In so many conversations it was like I was gloating about how much I was actually overcommitting to everything.

In my mind, busy used to equal successful. I kept adding more and more without taking time to consciously consider balance and what I was saying ‘yes’ to. As a result, I was often saying ‘no’ to what mattered the most.

Spending time doing something for myself like going for a long walk or watching a movie used to evoke guilt and stress. While I thought that I was being constructive by constantly filling my days, I was actually doing the opposite. I couldn’t maintain what I had created or continue trying to keep up. More is more? Yes, more time for self-care, living with purpose and spending time on things that truly matter to you rather than fulfilling the expectations of others, leading a life you think you ‘should’ after comparing yourself to everyone else and running yourself into the ground. I have days that are full but I live them out mindfully and choose not to use the word ‘busy’.

In a time where being busy is glorified I feel that it’s important to ask ‘why’?

Why do people perceive those that have their days filled from dusk to dawn as successful? Are you so busy doing things that you feel you have to do that you don’t prioritise any time to simply ‘be’? Is disconnect, burnout and addiction to stimulants and devices successful? Personally, I don’t think so.

So, I ask you this. Have you stopped to consider if busy could be the new unsuccessful?

Instead of using your usual language around time see if you can change it. Live out your days with a purpose that is energising for you rather than simply going through the motions of your typical day. Without a clear purpose or vision it can make us feel like the days are passing us by with a lack of direction and passion and as a result, our motivation and energy plummet.

Remember that how you spend your days is how you live your life. With every ‘yes’ you are saying ‘no’ to something or someone else. Choose wisely.

Take a step back from the distractions, see each new day as an opportunity and live your ‘busy’ days aligned with who you are, what you want and what you dream of.


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