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Beyond 'Self-Care Sunday'

Are you constantly on the move without taking time to simply sit with yourself? Is time alone something that scares you or seems like a complete waste of valuable time? Do you spend a lot of time living in your head rather than inhabiting your body and living life connected to who you truly are?

For many people, the only time they feel like they have to themselves comes late at night when they’re exhausted but really don’t want to lose the opportunity for some ‘me time’. To watch a show that they love, nap on the couch or scroll through social media. The problem is, this then drives them to go to bed later, wake feeling depleted and do it all over again in a desperate search for well-earned downtime. You shouldn’t have to wait for the weekend to have time for yourself.

The notion of ‘Self-Care Sunday’ has bothered me for quite some time.

Don’t get me wrong- I do like the idea and believe it is a great way to begin setting aside time to nurture yourself. Sundays also offer a little more freedom and flexibility as the pace slows down on the back of the weekday rush. Yet, I believe that everyone can start to slowly weave self-care into each day in the smallest of ways.

You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re clutching at straws to nurture yourself.

Prioritising yourself needs to be a focus each day and can even be scheduled as you would a meeting, a social event or an appointment. If it means you have to block out 5 minutes each day to begin with then do it.  

Through frantic weeks, the first thing that drops down or gets completely omitted from people’s priority lists is themselves. Their job, family, friends, social life, housework and endless emails all seem to be things they feel they have to do before they can even begin to think of themselves and tune into what they need.

The thing is, if you aren’t nourishing yourself then what will you have to offer others?

Start to set the example and begin to shine love on yourself. By valuing yourself, you offer more value to others and all that you do. You’ll continue to be enough if you pull back from some things. It’s pivotal that you don’t lose yourself while caring for others as the most significant relationship that you have is the one with yourself.

So, are you ready to commit to yourself?

It’s likely that you already know what you need or would like to do but here are some tips on where to begin, continue and maintain regular self-care in case you need some inspiration.

  • Start a morning routine. Rise at the same time, meditate, move, get outdoors, sip warm lemon water and/or journal.
  • Set some time when you won’t be around technology. Disconnect to reconnect. You’ve heard it before, so why not try it?
  • Practice different breathing techniques. This can be done anywhere. In traffic, on public transport, at your computer or in bed.
  • Be still in a place you love. A particular room in your house, the bath, at the beach. Whatever brings you a sense of comfort and ease.
  • Move. Walk, do a yoga class, go for a swim, dance or stretch. Do what you enjoy.
  • Wander around your local market/s and prepare a new meal.
  • Set limits with yourself and others and say ‘no’ to things that no longer serve you.
  • Get pampered or pamper yourself.
  • Pursue a new interest or passion or reignite an existing one. Even take a class in something new.
  • Journal. It is common but can be used to put problems down on paper, reflect and ‘turn the page’ on them so to speak. You could list affirmations, goals, any aspect of life that you’re grateful for or having trouble with. Write, draw or do a combination- there aren’t any rules. 

In the beginning, taking this time for you may seem new, foreign and even selfish.

But it’s a necessity and shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury or a time-wasting treat. You may convince yourself that you don’t have time or are not worthy but trust me, you’ll be wondering why you have overlooked yourself for so long.


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