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5 reasons why I started The Truest You

There are so many reasons why I started my own business after many years in a structured and secure career as a teacher. I thought I’d give you an insight into a few of the main reasons behind bringing my passion to life. Here they are!

1. I didn’t want people to end up where I did.⠀

I was a Type-A, go-go-go, ‘busy is successful’, people-pleasing, perfectionist. If I put my mind to it, I could do almost everything but in the end it came at a massive cost. My health declined so badly it turned my life upside down. Being self-aware, taking action and preventing burnout is so important!⠀

2. I wanted people to have a space to talk openly.⠀

With me you can lay it all on the table, be yourself and know that I won’t judge you. You can laugh, cry, take some time to think, ask questions, answer questions and just be yourself. No need to put on a façade or sugar-coat things!⠀

3. I wanted people to feel supported to make changes.⠀

I know how easy it can be to know what you want to do but then get stuck in the ‘how’ or say you’ll start doing something next week but then look back and see that a year has passed by. I’m all about weaving change into your day without adding more stress! Small changes add up over time but you have to commit to doing the work.⠀

4. I wanted people to know who they are, what they truly value and what’s important to them.⠀

Sounds simple, but it’s not. A lot of people don’t really know who they are without others telling them. People spend their days doing things that deplete them. They spend time with people who make them feel like they’re not good enough and fill their days with things that are completely out of alignment with their values and priorities. We can tweak things based on what is, and isn’t working well.⠀

5. I love seeing people shift from survival mode to living and making the most of their days.

This is one of the greatest things about what I do. Seeing people actually LIVE and not dread the day ahead, wish months away until a holiday so they can escape reality or hang out until bedtime so they can switch off is so rewarding. When people do the work to live more mindfully, you can see in in them.⠀

Have you ever worked with a health or life coach? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience below!

Bridget x