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Easy recipes + an insight into Nutritionist + Naturopath, Casey-Lee Lyons!

Casey-Lee is a Brisbane based nutritionist, naturopath, recipe creator, Mum and founder of Live Love Nourish. I was fortunate enough to connect with her over social media and love her outlook on life. She keeps everything realistic, shares easy recipes for us to enjoy and like all of the people who I’ve been fortunate to interview, is very much down-to-earth.

Casey-Lee is grateful to wake up each day with the opportunity to inspire others to live their healthiest and happiest lives. She is incredibly passionate about inspiring health and happiness through easy-to-understand nutrition and lifestyle advice and simple, real-food recipes free from gluten, dairy and sugar. 

She understands how important it is to nourish ourselves and our loved ones and she has seen firsthand the personal and professional changes that a healthy lifestyle and positive relationship with yourself can make. Casey-Lee believes that it can change your life!

Her mission is to educate and inspire others to love and nourish their body from the inside out to achieve health and happiness.

Here’s a little more about Casey-Lee…

What’s your definition of health?

I believe that health is in how you FEEL. Not worrying about the latest fads, trends or what others are doing, but understanding that your body is unique and finding what works for you. A healthy life is one that you ENJOY! 

How do you prioritise yourself daily? 

Having a four-year-old and a newborn, prioritising myself has been no easy task but you quickly realise you can’t offer your family and others your best if you don’t first take care of yourself. Even the simplest of things such as, getting up a little bit earlier in the morning to shower, make yourself a nourishing (and quick!) meal and getting ready for the day. I feel like I can take on the world when I start the day with even just 15 minutes of ‘me time’.

What’s one thing that you’re most recently grateful for? 

I am most grateful for my kids. They inspire me each day to learn, to grow, to love more, to be patient and to enjoy the journey. 

What are your top 3 tips for staying healthy? 

  • Listen to your body! It knows best!

  • Let go of dieting and following trends and instead tune into what works best for you!

  • Know that you deserve to feel healthy and happy and are worth every minute that you spend on yourself. 

What’s one thing that’s challenging you at the moment? 

Time! Being a Mum to my two girls and running my small business is quite a challenge and the biggest juggle of my life. But when all of these things mean so much to you, somehow when you make it about love and purpose (and let go of the perfect day) it just works. 

When do you feel like your truest self? 

When I’m living from within and living life with love.

What 3 things are always in your fridge? 

Pumpkin, avocado and macadamia nut butter (no joking, I have a 1 litre tub!). Pass me the spoon haha! 

What’s your go-to meal? 

With a busy lifestyle, I can’t go past the time-saving Vitality Smoothie from my online nutrition program. It’s balanced with protein, good fats and hidden veggies to tick all of the nutritional boxes and keep me going for hours. It’s also delish! 

What’s one piece of advice you’ve been given that you’d like to share with us? 

To always listen to your body. Despite what others are doing around you or the suggestions given to you, always tune-in and check-in with your own body and if it’s right for you. 

Meal times should be…

Fun, nourishing and a time to create memories. 

Now for the recipes!

Sugar Free Banana Bread

This is one of mine and my family’s favourite recipes. Using just a handful of ingredients, the banana bread is not only sugar free but contains protein and good fats to keep you fuller for longer. I keep slices of this in my freezer for quick and easy snacks. The recipe is also paleo friendly and dairy free. 


Apple Crumble Parfaits

Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast, especially when its healthy?! This recipe is also gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. 


Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I love to make family-friendly recipes just like this one. It’s packed with nutrition and flavour to nourish and satisfy. 


Casey-Lee’s Online Program, free e-book + social media!

‘Nourish From The Inside Out’

Casey-Lee also shares an online nutrition and lifestyle program for living a healthy and nourishing life. Her refreshing approach to nutrition has helped many people improve their health, increase energy, find their natural weight, improve gut and digestive health, balance hormones, heal cravings and more. You can find out more about ‘Nourish From The Inside Out’ here.

‘Real Food Recipes’ eBook

Casey-Lee’s ‘Real Food Recipes’ eBook has become a household favourite! It shares 80 healthy recipes (all free from sugar, gluten and dairy) that are simple and nourishing. You can find it here.

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